Dr. Wanda Turner invites you on the most challenging journey you will ever take-a journey from rejection to acceptance, from fear to faith, from a shattered life to wholeness. Serving as your guide, she clears a path for you through the crowd and removes the roadblocks that stand in your way. Discover how you, too, can touch the hem of His garment and be set free.



Celebrate Change is for people of all ages and circumstances who want to learn to transform the “pain of change” into the “celebration of change.” Think of your faith as a spiritual muscle and change as the machine that exercises your faith. Celebrating change is an act of our will. But it cannot occur until we accept change, and that requires the work of God through the Holy Spirit. Filled with humorous personal anecdotes and realistic nuggets that are sure to reinforce God’s truths, Dr. Turner’s life-story is poignant, relevant, and encouraging.



I Stood in the Flames: Snatching Victory From Disaster is for real people in real situations. When you reach that moment, event, or circumstance in you life that threatens to usher in depression, fear, and defeat, hang on! There is hope and victory for you. Human beings cannot withstand long periods of pain, depression, or sorrow; we need solace, help, and comfort. Let Dr. Wanda Davis-Turner share with you her hard-won principles for victroy in the middle of the fire, and let satan’s attempt to destroy you become your platform for strength and laughter. You too can snatch victory out of the fires of defeat and rejoice in the mastery God has provided for you!



 Discover the tactics of the enemy that lead you down the road of unparalleled remorse. Satan’s traps are set with a burning desire to birth pain, guilt, and shame in your life. Here Dr. Davis-Turner, an associate pastor and a vivacious speaker, exposes the devil’s deception. Learn to avoid the traps!



With compassionate consideration and in dramatic demonstration Dr. Turner pulls back the public veil so that we can take a peak at the beauty and warmth of the majestic strength that lies behind every man. It is the hidden power of his wife. This is the power that gives loft to her eagle and provides sunlight in his shadows.

Behind the Power takes you on a journey of the untold beauty of that hidden world offering tender understanding and spiritual hope.