Calling First Ladies, Inc.

Founded by Dr. Wanda Davis-Turner, Calling First Ladies International Ministry was birthed to directly impact the lives of First Ladies, Bishops, Pastors, Athletes Entertainers, Medical & Legal Professionals, Politicians and Corporate Icons, stateside and abroad, as well as single women of distinction who are first in their respective fields of interest.

Simply, Calling First Ladies (CFL) is a ministry tailored to provide hope, encouragement, and support to hurting women everywhere, reaching the world one woman at a time.



Calling First Ladies is to challenge women in leadership to recognize and understand their value, worth, and purpose while Impacting their environment.


Calling First Ladies is an inter-national Network of women in leadership; in ministry, medicine, business, law, politics,
entertainment, sports, marriage and family.

Calling First Ladies is a mandate from God to be a ministry where total healing and deliverance can come to the entire family. I want to relieve the pain I see in other women’s eyes, that I saw in my own mirror, through the healing power of God’s Word and the support and training of this organization.

~ Dr. Wanda Davis-Turner



~ Personal Crisis Intervention for ladies and their spouses

~ Martial Counseling

~ Career Planning

~ Financial Planning

~ Trust, Will and Estate Planning



~ WORDshops that minister to the needs of the entire family

~Crisis Intervention for families in trouble

~ Round table forums that address sensitive issues in the Christian Family



~ Leadership development WORDshops for wives of Pastors,
Bishops, Entertainers, Professional Athletes, Legal and Medical Professionals, as well as, American Icons and Politicians

~ Round table forums that address sensitive issues for women in leadership